Thursday, 21 June 2012

Movie Magic Evaluation

I think that good actors is the most important element to movie making because they make the movie look more realistic and if the movie is an influencing movie it will be effective because the movie will look real and then the audience might think that may happen to them to and then they may be persuaded.
I put flash camera and good editing second because. a flash camera will have good quality image and sound so the movie will be more realistic.  I put good editing because not so good editing will ruin the movie but good editing will make the movie more than it is.And it's like writing, we edit our writing and our writing will be more than it is.

I think the least important element is a Tripod because. a tripod is good for stillness and it will avoid shaking but there are also other things around that could also be used as a tripod.
Other important elements that aren’t included here are clear storyboard.  Storyboards are important because you can clearly see what angles you will use and what it might look like on camera.

My biggest lightbulb moment while learning about movie magic was the angles like close up, extreme long shot, medium close up etc.  Since then, everytime i watch a programme or a movie on T.V i always notice how the angles change and what kind of angles they use and i noticed that if i had a long shot people mostly slowly zoom in,and no one really notices but it really helps.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Room 8 Speeches

Room 8 have been studying Movie Magic. Part of making movies, is speaking clearly. We put this into practice by planning, crafting, practicing and presenting speeches. The topics we chose, were topics that would influence the thinking of others. We hope you enjoy!

Speech Reflection

How did you  about presenting your speech to the class?
I felt Confident at first but when i went up i was still confident but when i started my speech i don’t know why but i just talked too fast.

What was the hardest part about preparing a speech?

The hardest part was structuring the speech and persuasive idea’s.

What did you enjoy most about speeches?
I really liked how they persuaded me and describing visions from both sides.

How could you improve your speech making next time?
I could practiced more in front of more people so i can get used to it.

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