Friday, 19 October 2012

Teaching room4 Netbook skills

This is me teaching Paige new Netbook skills.

Energy Vlog #1

We are learning about Energy. Here is a Vlog post to fill you in about my wanderings.

Word Web 'Weird'

Our Narrative Practice

I was living the dream. I had a good job, big house and a loving family... As i said ‘I ‘was’ living the dream’. Yes I was. Until my boss fired me. So, I couldn’t pay the bill. And I sold the house. I sacrificed my self because we only had three tickets for the people to go to Germany to live with my wifes parents. Well, that was two weeks ago. They only left me with twenty five dollars. Right now I am walking a tightrope, in a circus. I know it's weird but its my new job now. This is my first time in front of a crowd. My head started to hurt from the concentration as I kept reminding myself of the deal. The deal was that if I don’t mess up, I will keep the job. It was my only hope. I practiced a lot for this. I just wish i was still lucky...THUMP!

“W-where am I?” all i could see was white blur. The my eyes came together. I was in the hospital. Oh no. I’ll be in debt now. How will I survive now that my jobs gone. “Sir, please lie down” someone said in a polite girly voice. Thats all I heard. Since my life is unlucky now ... Its gone totally BIZARRE! By the way now I’m in some old asian guys house. He payed for my debt and took me. I am really thankfull. But I guess thats quite lucky. Well, right now the old man is chanting ancient words and massaging my back. Maybe he’s ancient too! Just to say, it feels really good. As I was just about to doze off ... When two small kids around six, seven years old bursted into the room looking like two annoying brats thirsty to annoy someone. I quickly shut my eyes to tell them that I was taken. I guess, that didn't work.

I felt small creepy hands chopping and scrunching my back like its playdough! Well I’m NOT! The ancient guy was trying to tell the kids off. “AHHH!” ,I couldn’t help it! They were like squirmy spiders,sluggish snakes, horrible hippos... I raced out of the room! To be honest, I actually limped out of the room just noticing that my right leg has been injured. I was so slow... So humiliated. I tried harder. The two children were just gazing at me in shock. They quickly bowed down and said something. I’m sure it was an apology. I guess I am a family member now.

Its been around two years since that accident...Wow... Time goes fast. I can speak Japanese now. Its quite cool. I have a new job. My goal is to save enough money to travel to Germany. My lifetime goal...I hope my goal will come true someday.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Your VS You're

Me and my friends Chasity and Hinewera are explaining the differences of 'Your' and 'You're'.