Friday, 20 July 2012

My Recount Craft

My Craft:

Spoonful Of Sugar

It was the holidays and I was so bored.I urged for something exiting or something never done before.Then I had an idea.I stood there staring at the cupboard.My fingers were twiching like whiskers sensing something wonderful.So I opened the cuboard to see the jar.Which was filled with glorious,sugar.I felt a breeze of evilness.Since I haven’t tasted lollies, I should at least taste sugar by itself.So my eyes brightened with excitement.

I swished my head around like a meerkat looking for any signs of danger.The coast was clear.I reached for the jar and tip toed as high as possible.Like a baby reaching for his bottle.When I finally took hold of the jar,I quickly scrambled under the worst,most exposed hiding place ever.The Table.”Oh no! What have I done?  Why did I choose this place?”I cried to myself.”Aww I can’t be stuffed to get out !I’ll just stay here for a short while.”

So I started munching away.I couldn’t believe I was doing this!Then I took the biggest spoonful ever!My body felt more confident than it ever had.I widened my mouth to eat the most glorious spoonful ever.An evil grin slowly formed on my face, but at that moment it all disappeared because...Dad walked past.

Well, he didn’t exactly walk past.He hesitated then looked at the table.”Eep” as quick as a flash I was at the side of the table leaning against the wall.I covered the sugar with my arms I clenched my hands tighter and tighter. As dad bent lower and lower.I could see a glimpes of my dad’s face.So I shut my eyes firmly. Waiting for something to happen. Hoping for something better to happen.

I heard my dad’s voice saying my name.He hammered my hopes down.I give up.I opened my eyes to see a face glaring at me. “Here...” I said as I gave him the sugar jar . He looked at me.  Then looked the jar. He sighed. So did I, but my one was saying“It’s over.” Then I said ”I wanted to have a record of how long I could eat sugar.It was so delicious!”I didn’t want anything to happen to me.

That’s when I remembered the worst,most fearful punishment.The belt.I didn’t know what it was but my big brother got it.I knew I surrendered, but will dad still punish me?! I had to think fast. So I cried. Trying to make him feel sorry for me. I did that for a while. Then I actually cried for real! My dad fell for the real crying. He held my hand and took me out from under the table. He hugged me and I felt a bit better. I’ve learned my lesson as I looked under the table to see the spoonful of sugar.

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