Friday, 2 November 2012

Tukutuku Design


The main theme of this pattern is how we affect the world. The red colour on top represents you and me, the green represents the environment, the blue represents the sea and what lies within and lastly the orange which represents land creatures. These are all in the world. But the stairs on bottom, represent the way to peace and care on earth but some of us are going down and some are going up, which means that some people just can’t follow peace and care for the environment and some people do. The environment,land creatures and marine creatures inside the stairs are all trapped because we trapped the world. What will happen if the stairs get weaker and weaker then it falls. What will happen to our world?


Esther said...

What a beautiful pattern Lydia I just love all the colours you have chosen , and the best thing is there is absolutely no pink. Good job! :)

Hineuwera said...

This is a beautiful Tukutuku Lydia. I really loved the way that you use different colours to make it stand out. I also like you description because it describes a lot about your Tukutuku.

From Hine

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