Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Day One Observation

So we waited for two days and when we checked up on them. Dandelion (the plant that was in the dark) had no difference it was just that one leaf broke and there were some very small light tan patches.It still looked quite healthy.But i think that if the plant was under the dark for too long it will die and run out of energy.Daisy (the other plant) was having the nice warm sun for two days looks perfectly fine when we checked her its just that one of her leafs are hanging.I think that if we take good care of Daisy, she will be perfectly fine all the way.

The Top two is Dandelion and the bottom two is Daisy

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Miss Kyla said...

Great photography that shows the plants clearly. I liked the way your were specific in your observations Lydia. I look forward to reading more updates about your experiment. I think I agree with you about Dandelion!

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