Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Compost Narrative

The squishy sound of the scraps dig deep into the mountain.Eliza scampered through the tunnels looking around searching for the most luscious scraps.The tunnel seemed endless.She noticed some chattering.There were tiger worms having a chat about how they reached there. Eliza stopped and said, “Hi,do you know where the most delicious scraps are?” The thickest worm replied straight away, “Just around the corner...mmmm...I can sense it. I’ll come too.” He said as he stuffed himself with a piece of banana skin.

There was an awkward silence as they searched through the tunnel.”Ah, are we there yet?”Eliza said quietly trying to break the silence.”Nearly...there.” Eliza noticed wrinkles on the worm and thought that the worm wasn’t just made out of fat it was just OLD ...eating a lot ....Eliza became confused. Wondering and moving forward .She became even more confused than ever.”Stop!”Eliza nearly fell over hearing such a loud scream.”We’re here...’.The old but fat worm shrieked.”By the way don’t wonder while moving forward you don’t know where you’re going to end up in this maze.”.He turned his head facing the mushy wall and started drilling.Eliza sat down and started to wait.She fiddled with her tail.Still waiting.”-oh-!” The fat worm was already half way through the new tunnel! Eliza sprinted after him.

Huffing into her furry woodmice chest,she lost him.All Eliza could hear was crunching,munching and the sound of the most luscious scraps being eaten.Eliza gave up.She was finding her way out feeling like she was scampering in circles. Or...maybe she was.Stressing herself out, Eliza gave up again.Lost.Alone.Nowhere.Eliza curled up into a furry ball keeping warm while she has a sleep.Tears trickled down her fur as she slept.

Night began to fall.Eliza woke up forgetting what had happened  the day before.”Muuum!”
Eliza shouted effortlessly as she stood up.”Hmm? Where am i?!”Eliza felt sad deep inside just remembering the tragic night before.”I can’t believe i did this, swearing i would come back with food ... “Eliza said sadly as she was imagining what could’ve happened to her family.Eliza set another quest.

She scurried to every corner of the compost searching for gold.Nights past so quickly.The journey seemed endless...Alas! Luscious food!Eliza sniffed the air,following the scent.”Mmmm,I can almost taste it”.Eliza closed her eyes still following the smell while imagining what it would be,what will it taste like?Mmmm.Eliza just remembered what the old worm said. She couldn’t remember every single word. “Don’t close your eyes while walking,you never know where you will end up.Maybe in manure or even on a badger.” “I think thats it”.Still looking up.”Ahhh!MPH!”.She had a small fall. And ended up something brown...very brown.”Eww! I can’t believe myself!”.Eliza swam up a popped her head out.She looked around.There was a wide  land (covered in darkness of course).”I,i made it.I made it out!Woohoo!!”Eliza danced on the manure.”SHAME SUCCORS!”.

Then Eliza examined the pile of compost.”Alright!”She said and she found her treasure.”Yum food”.Eliza scurried home with food pile balancing on her back.Finally when Eliza reached home she dumped the food on the ground.”Muum!Daad!Sis!”.No One answered.Eliza searched every room only to find them empty.Tears trickled down Eliza’s cheeks as she checked every room one by one.Eliza found herself in the living room again.Again,alone. “”.Eliza cried and cried nonstop.Time past as Eliza accepted her life alone searching through the compost every now and then.Finally Eliza decided to make a garden.She softened soil with a twig.Then Eliza felt something unusual.Eliza dug it out.Her eyes grew wide with heartfelt terror.Lying in the soil were three mammals.Three most loved ones.Eliza’s family lied there staring at the sky.Their bodies are now bones.Eliza recognized their scents as she gave moments of silence.Hanging her head Eliza shedded tears.

The End

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