Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Observation Report

This term we have been learning about plants and my group is doing an experiment about plant needs.’Will a plant survive better in the sun or without the sun?’ This was the main question we had to answer.

On the 10th of August,I gathered two plastic cups,two broccoli plants,soil, and a light proof box.First I poured some soil inside both cups then added the broccoli plants.I set one plant under the light proof box in a dark area and the other plant in the sun.

After two days the plant that was under the sun (Daisy) had an injury on her leaf.It was hanging on the edge of death. On the other hand Dandelion (the plant under the box) had some very small light tan patches.

The next day, I noticed that Dandelion had bright tan around the edges.It was like there was a tan disease going around.But Daisy has been getting worse. She had two leaves
that are wilting. I was immediately Stunned.

Finally Day three.I was being bothered by the results from Daisy.So I checked up on Dandelion first.One of Dandelions leaves started to get dry. I knew that it will wilt soon.

In the end both plants sadly died.

I have discovered the answer to the case on Day two.Daisy didn’t have the light she needed from the lamp that she had accidently been under.

I have finally realized why the plants have been wilting, because we didn’t give the plants enough water which is one of their needs.

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